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registered in September 2016 and serving our community ever since.

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We are reaching out to you for help, as we require your assistance in cash or in kind .

This year has unfortunately brought with it some difficult circumstances and has had a negative impact on our communities.

As our service to the community continues we welcome any donations( Sadaqah or Lillah),  food parcels, sanitizers masks, nappies, toiletries.

We would like to thank you in anticipation of considering this request, and any assistance you decide to make. We would like to develop long lasting relationships with you. We believe that there is no better social investment than that which provides assistance for all.

What we do

Assist in alleviating poverty in our communities

donate time

Donate time

food parcels

Food parcels

The facilitation of workshops afforded by government and the public sector

The organizations core functions are:

To assist in alleviating poverty in our communities,

Donating time,

Food parcels and

The facilitation of workshops afforded by government and the public sector.

We regularly distribute grocery hampers to the needy in our community and surrounding areas including:

  • Lenasia
  • Eldorado Park
  • Klipspruit
  • Ennerdale
  • Lawley
  • Lahae
  • Zak Park


  • Ethics- Honesty, Respect and Trust
  • Relationship Communication
  • Transparency
  • Positivity


  • To engage communities around the eradication of poverty and the establishment of a balanced life for those that cannot afford and for the protection of human rights of all beneficiaries.
  • To engage communities against the scourge of drug abuse
  • To improve the standards of living of the elderly and youth.
  • To provide any afforded educational activities afforded to the community by government or the public sector.

Contact Us

Should you require any additional information, please feel to contact us, or leave your details on our page and we will contact you!

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11653 Heliodor Street
Ext 13

Gadija Marwing

Gadija Marwing



Registration Number: 176-998

PBO :  930056035

We meet the requirements of  a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) set out in Section 30 (3) of the Income Tax Act No 58 of  1962